Preventing Injury While Working Out

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Preventing Injury While Working Out

The old adage, “no pain, no gain” is not always true with exercise. Help prevent an injury or any further damage by paying attention to your body and any pain during an exercise session. The longer you wait, the more chronic it can become and could lead to longer recovery times or even lead to other pains or injuries. Stop what you are doing if you feel the following types of pain during your workout:

  • Sharp pain: sharp or stabbing pain is usually an indication of something not functioning properly in that body system. If the problem persists, check in with your doctor.
  • Pain with swelling: if pain is associated with swelling, it may be an indication of a more serious issue. Inflammation is our body’s way of healing; however, if the swelling doesn’t go away or returns with activity, there is likely continued injury to that tissue or area.
  • Localized pain: for pain that seems to be localized and occurs consistently with a specific exercise, consult your doctor.
  • Pain that gets worse during your workout: stop any exercise when you feel pain gradually getting worse the longer or more intensely you exercise. If you reached a level of pain of 5 on a 10 scale, stop what you’re doing.
  • Painful pops: if you have pain along with a pop noise, it can be an indication of a tear of a ligament or tendon or partial dislocation. Some noises may be normal, however, like clicking or grinding in the shoulders, knees or other joints, as long as they are not accompanied by pain.

If you don’t see an improvement within a week or two, consider making an appointment with your doctor.

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Source: 5 Types of Workout Pains You Should Never Ignore. SELF. March 30, 2016.





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