Put Yourself on a Paper Diet

April 29, 2015 at 9:36 pm Leave a comment

Ridding yourself of excess paper can help the planet – and your stress levels. Many studies have shown that keeping your work and living spaces organized can help cut down on stress and anxiety – which can in turn help you sleep better, prevent illness and even look younger.

But paper can be an incredibly persistent source of clutter. Between bills and junk mail that arrive every day, note pads filled with important phone numbers and to-do lists, and documents you feel like you can’t throw out, all those piles of paper can turn an otherwise organized home into an episode of Hoarders.

Manilla.com, a site that helps you organize all your paperless bill payments in one secure place, encourages people to cut back on paper use by going on a paper diet. Try these three paper diet tricks for getting your paper clutter in check.

  • Leave it outside. Make it a habit to sort your mail in your garage or entryway, before you can set it down somewhere inside. Toss any unwanted paper into a bin to be recycled or shredded. That way, the extra clutter never even enters your living space.
  • Toss your sticky notes. Rather than deal with dozens of little pieces of paper, try an electronic app to keep your notes and reminders organized.
  • Opt out of junk mail. The nonprofit service Catalog Choice helps consumers opt out of catalogs, credit card offers, phone books and other mail you’d rather not receive.

Source: Prevention.com

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