Reduce Stress to Prevent Headaches

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Stress is the most common trigger of headaches. But you don’t need to give stress the upper hand. Here are a few simple steps that can help you manage your stress and keep headaches at bay:

  • Consider relaxation techniques. Yoga, meditation and deep breathing can reduce symptoms of stress, including headaches.
  • Simplify your life. Rather than looking for ways to squeeze more activities into the day, leave some things out. Ask yourself, what really needs to be done, what can wait and what you can drop.
  • Seek support. Talking things out with family or friends or allowing them to help you through a difficult time can help you manage stress. Talking to a therapist might help, as well.
  • Take a break. If you feel overwhelmed, take some time to clear your mind. Taking a mental vacation, a few slow stretches or a brisk walk may renew your energy for the task at hand.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise is a proven way to prevent ā€” and sometimes treat ā€” headaches. Exercise also provides a break from the stress of daily life. Be careful to warm up slowly. Sudden, intense exercise can cause headaches.

Remember, most headaches are nothing to worry about. But if they disrupt your daily activities, work or personal life, ask your doctor for help. You may be stressed, but something else could be going on as well.

Source: Adapted from Mayo Clinic

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