Ten Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

August 18, 2011 at 3:05 pm Leave a comment

Here are 10 helpful tips for saving money on groceries:

  1. Divide grocery money into equal weekly amounts. Try not to “borrow” from next week’s allowance. This way money should last all month.
  2. Watch for store newspaper ads and coupons. Take advantage of coupons and sale items, but be sure your family will use the bargain items.
  3. Plan ahead. Think about the main foods you will cook for the next several days. Are there items on sale this week that you can use?
  4. Do most of your shopping only once a week. You will save time and have fewer opportunities to impulse shop.
  5. Make a list and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to buy things you haven’t planned on getting, unless you find less expensive substitutes for items on your list.
  6. Shop by yourself. Go alone sobyou won’t be tempted to buy more. If possible, don’t take children with you either.
  7. Go when you aren’t hungry. Shop on a full stomach or else everything will look inviting.
  8. Compare brands. Look at the cost and the quantity. Usually the store brand is cheaper.
  9. Compare different stores. Look at prices in several stores. If you find one store is generally less expensive, stick with it.
  10. Compare forms of food. Buy a lower-cost form of the product if it will do just as well. For example, canned tomato pieces rather than whole tomatoes or compare frozen, fresh and canned products.

 Source: Food for Thought, University of Illinois Extension

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